Keep The Pool Water Clean And Hygienic

Do you have swimming pool at your home? it is really great to have swimming pool at the time of burning summer months. But just like many other things your swimming pool also wants a little care, and attention. Majority of people like to take the help of professional people to take care of their pool, but if you are DIY type of person then this article is for you. Here we are providing some great tips to keep your swimming pool water spotless and clean.

Knowing Your swimming Pool’s Water requirements

You should be aware of your pool’s overall pH and alkalinity levels. The overall alkalinity is a method of determining the water’s capability to counteract acidity. The level of alkalinity of your pool’s water is frankly associated to the pH level of water. The pH levels will get higher, if total alkalinity is higher. PH levels determine basic or acidic essence.

It is also important to recognize the pool’s cyanuric acid, calcium hardness chlorine as well as total disband solids levels. In addition the alkaline and pH levels, these are vital concerns too. Ensure you know what are they and in what why they can help your water.

• Chlorine is useful to sanitize and disinfect the water.

• Calcium hardness determines the quantity of existing calcium in the water. Remember that when the level of calcium gets low in the water it will become acidic and ruin your pool’s body.

• Cyanuric acid defends the chlorine from ultraviolet rays of sun.

• Total liquefied solids are mostly tranquil of non-living salts (sulphates, chlorides, bicarbonates, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) and little quantity of other raw materials melted in the water.

Know your examination time for water constituent

It is a major consideration in pool maintenance. At the time of checking the water of your pool, it is important to examine convinced timelines so your pool can work well and the water inside your pool remains healthy and clean. Each element of the water, for example pH needs to be checked at certain point of time. There are many professionals who recommend testing the water level on daily basis but it can be hard for majority of people.

We would suggest you to consider below mentioned timeframe for making sure the right pool functions.

• It is important to check the level of pH at least twice in a week.

• It is important to check the total alkalinity once in a week or at least once in a month.

• Examine the level of Chlorine two times in a week.

• Examine the level of Cyanuric acid two times in a season

• Inspect Calcium hardness two times in a season

• Inspect overall dissolved solids once in a week