Things To Do In British Columbia

British Columbia is considered as one of the most famous outdoor retreats in Canada. The extensive province of this area offers natural wonders compared to any part of Canada. Also, this is a wonderful destination of RV camping resorts and camping grounds.
You can also try booking luxury fishing lodge in British Columbia. To the west of this area, is the dense and fur-lined forest which meets Pacific Ocean. On the east of this place is the Canadian Rockies which rise high into the sky. This is a place where you can find ideal coastal beauty as well as natural escapes.
Besides checking into luxury fishing lodge in British Columbia, you can also indulge in the extravagance of whale spotting on Vancouver Island. This can be an excellent experience when you are in British Columbia.
You can go out to visit the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. This has become of the greatest and popular hiking routes in Canada. This specific trail is almost 75 km and leads the enthusiastic hikers through extensive beaches, gullies and rickety ladders. However, this trail is not meant for novice trekkers.
You can experience a winery tour, if you have not experienced earlier. The Thompson Okanagan is an amazing and must-visit spot for the wine freaks who wish to savour some real luscious wine. It is a wide area and is home to a lot of award winning wines. As a tourist, you can enjoy a self guided tour. Also, you can plan for a bike tour to explore the entire region. There are mom and pop vineyards as well as high end estates. Besides a winery tour, you can also experience the pleasure of the lake side stunning sceneries. Also, this is an ideal destination for a foodie, also check this BC salmon fishing.
The next thing you can visit in British Columbia is Harrison Hot Spring. This small village is covered by oceans, mountains and forests in the Fraser Valley. This is situated in the eastern side of Vancouver. This is a natural hot spring and is the main attraction of the village. Also, the most amazing part is that every fall, thousands of salmon come back to spawn in this lake. Also, it attracts flocks of eagles. Also, this place gives a perfect opportunity for photographers and nature watchers.
Make sure you once visit the Salt Spring Island’s Saturday Market in British Columbia. You can get great quality raw materials here as well as local goods. The amazing fact of this market is that the vendor who sells the goods is the one who makes the goods. This is a perfect place to explore, try and buy local and fresh goods.