When In Texas Do As The Texans Do!

Looking for a different experience this summer? How about an authentic cowboy experience in Texas. Drive across to Texas to experience a summer like never before. With its diverse landscape, endless deserts and costal swamps, Texas is the ideal destination for your cowboy summer vacation. . In Texas awaits endless number of diverse activities from the beach to the desert, to make your southern summer a memorable one. When in Texas, try out authentic Texan barbeque, experience a Rodeo and try out dude ranches. And when in Texas, do as the Texans do! Mix up

Dress like the Texans do

Texas is well known for its vibrant culture and of course the cowboys! You are likely to find cowboys and cowgirls in pathways, pubs and playgrounds. When in Texas, dress up like a Rodeo. Simply dress up in western outfit which is comfortable. Hat is a must when in Texas. May it be a straw hat or a felt hat, a hat is a must have when dressing up in Texan style. Add glitter to your cowboy outfit with a fancy pair of tie up boots or a simple roper style boot. Leather belts, blue jeans, and a classic button down western shirt will add the final touch to your perfect rodeo outfit.

Do what the Texans do

Your Texas experience will be incomplete without experiencing a Rodeo. Be surprised by the amazing cowboy skills of riding broncos, roping claves and wrestling steers.  Dress up in western clothing and look like a real Rodeo. Get your hands dirty by trying a dude ranch. Visit our site to konw more information. Guest ranching is a perfect way to enjoy your summer break. Ride a horse off to the sunset and spend the night around a campfire where glorious stories of cowboy adventures are shared. Or mix up your ranching experience with hiking or white water rafting. Texas summer experience wouldn’t be more authentic than this!

Eat what the Texans eat

When in Texas, eat like a Texan. Nothing beats the authentic food in Texas! Texan cuisine is a combination of Native America, American and Mexican cuisine. Deep cut meat, rich spices, and beans and melty cheese are usually must have in Tex-Mex cooking. When in Texas don’t forget to try out a slow cooked Birsket, Frozen Margarita, Fresh Tacos and Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas. Authentic Tex-Mex barbeque and other native Texan dishes can be easily found in food trucks and street side local restaurants. 

So when in Texas, follow a typical Texan lifestyle, and your summer break will be nothing short of an experience you will cherish for life.